Since 2013, we have worked with thousands of public sector leaders for the design and execution of customized, multi-session, executive TEAM, leadership development programs.  Of note, we believe the following elements are truly our differentiators:


  • Customized:  We work with our clients to understand leadership development needs, then work hard to design and execute programs that exceed our client’s expectations.

  • Multi-session:  We do not believe in the one-time intervention.  Rather, we think an extended relationship with our clients helps with growth, accountability, and builds a relationship that extends beyond just the classroom time together.

  • Executive:  We believe the only way to change (or strengthen) a culture is to do so…from the top.  It is only when senior leaders are energized, educated, and aligned that real change and superior results can emerge.

  • TEAM:  Rather than meeting with random participants, most of our programs are within existing and functioning teams.  This allows for focused discussions on real issues and helps with the alignment of the senior leaders of the organization.  Additionally, meeting together with peers and/or supervisors, helps with accountability to ensure growth during our programs.

  • Public Sector:  We have worked with over 5,000 public sector leaders in 50+ different agencies and departments over the last 4+ years.  Many of our facilitators have proven track records of leadership success in public sector organizations.  We know what it means to be in the service of others and have developed a unique approach to growing leaders in Governmental (Federal, State, County, and City) organizations.