Who are we?


Eagle Leadership Group consists of successful military officers who have gone on to leadership success post-retirement.  All of our “Eagles” are battle-tested with multiple deployments, commands in overseas contingency operations, and decades of leadership experience – both in and out of uniform.  These “warriors” are all proven facilitators, consultants, coaches, and speakers, each of whom has a unique journey in the leadership of organizations with true purpose, life and death consequences, and multi-million dollar budgets, for small projects and teams up to billion dollar programs and complex, 1000(+) person organizations.  They have all walked the talk and share “battle-tested” leadership practices currently with thousands of public and private sector leaders, from front-line supervisor to Chief Executives.  

Why Eagle Leadership?


The majority of our team are “Eagles,” the insignia corresponding to the rank of O-6 (Army / Air Force / Marine Corps Colonels; Navy Captains).  Military leaders who achieve this rank have demonstrated success at increasing levels of size and complexity, balancing tactical demands with strategic thinking.


Leadership at the “Eagle” level is still “muddy boots,” with those who wear the rank living with the troops, eating the same (awesome!) food, facing the same enemy threats.  However, it is senior enough to require complex and strategic thinking, determining what needs to be done (and why) for organizations and programs with up to several thousand “troopers.”  It’s the level where thinking outweighs the doing, and where decisions have major life/death and financial implications.  And of course, our "Eagles” have all served their time leading units of every shape and size to get to that point.  They KNOW what they are doing, and are ready to pass along those “Battle-tested” strategies to You!

What We Do


Our “Eagles” are experienced facilitators, consultants, executive coaches, and public speakers.  They use their own leadership journeys and the “battle-tested” strategies from decades in the military to help leaders, and the teams they lead, go to the next level.  And for all of us, there IS a next level!

We highlight the important role of leaders in 4 key areas:  Plan, Prepare, Execute, and Learn (The Leader Business Cycle®).  We show leaders how to subordinate self to mission, never asking others to do something they would not do themselves, getting teams of teams to reach new levels of excellence.  We bring best practices to public and private sector leaders and the teams they lead.


Be sure, whether attending a “Boot Camp,” a “Muddy-Boots” seminar, or hiring one of our team for a keynote address, you are getting leaders who know people and how to get their best.  Their stories are as diverse, passionate, and relevant as their respective leadership journeys.  And whether thinking about the relevance of going 60 days with little food or sleep in Ranger training, getting tribes in Iraq or Afghanistan to work with sworn enemies, or getting third-world construction workers in sandals to build, operate, and maintain 21st century solar power grids – our leaders understand challenges and what it takes to get willing partners and the synergy that comes when people work together, aligned in purpose, sharing best practices across cross-functional, multi-generational, multi-national teams.


So, if you are ready to take your leaders, and the teams they lead, to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.  Our “Eagles” are ready to help your team soar to new heights and – LEAD THE WAY!